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Exd Flameproof / Exe Increased Safety 'Y' and 'T' Adaptors
(AY-U/AT-U Series)


 Y  T Adaptors
Redapt 'Y' and 'T' Series of Adaptors provide an opportunity for two entries where pre-machine entries are limited and to also change threadform or to different sizes.

The 'Y' and 'T' Adaptors also enable the installer to run the cable in at an angle which greatly improves the ease of installation in confined or difficult situations. The 'Y' Adaptor has an angle of 120° between each entry; the 'T' has two angles of 90° and a 180° angle between entries.

Technical Data Table 


Protection Method Exd Flameproof / Exe Increased Safety
Ingress Protection (IP)Maintained
Impact Resistance
20 Nm

This item is classed as a component and therefore metallic products are not given an operating temperature range


Base Materials 



Brass, 316 stainless Steel, mild steel

Nickel, zinc, others on application


Metric, others on application

Standards Approved to

EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-31 

IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-1, IEC 60079-7, IEC 61241-1

Ex Approvals

ATEX Approval

IECEx Approval


SIRA10ATEX1056U | ITS16ATEX101340U

IECEx SIR 10.0025U | IECExITS16.0015U

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Y Adaptors

T Adaptors

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