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On this page, you will find the IECEx Certificates.

They are downloadable PDF documents. Please click on the link of the document that you require to download.

Exd/Exe Adaptors, Reducers, Inline Swivel Adaptors, Dome Head Stopping plugs
Exd Male-Male Adaptors
Exd Type A and Type B Stopping Plugs
Exe Earth Lead Adaptors
Ranges: AD-U, AE-E, AF-U, AM-D, AR-D
           PA-D, PB-D, PD-U, RD-U
            TA-U, TC-U, TD-U
IECEx SIR 12.0016X   (Equipment)

Exd 90 Degree Adaptors
Ranges: AR-D
IECEx SIR 05.0042U   (Equipment) 

Exe Adaptors, Reducers, Nylon Dome Head Stopping Plugs 
Ranges: AD-E4, PD-E4, RD-E4
IECEx SIR 12.0038X   (Equipment)

Exd/Exe 90 Degree Swivel Adaptors
Ranges: TP-U, TQ-U, TR-U
IECEx SIR 10.0123U   (Component) 

Exd/Exe Hollow Hex Head Stopping Plugs 
Ranges: PX-U
IECEx SIR 07.0009X   (Equipment) 

Exd/Exe Flameproof Breather Drains
Ranges: BD-U
IECEx SIR 08.0096X    (Equipment)

Exe Increased Safety Breather Drains
Ranges: DP-E
IECEx SIR 08.0024X   (Component)