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On this page you will find the CSA Certificates of Compliance.

All are downloadable PDF documents. Please click on the link of your choice to download.

Exd, Exe, Exd/Exe Adaptors, Reducers, Dome Head Stopping Plugs
Exd 90 Degree Adaptors, Male-Male Adaptors, Insulated Adaptors, Unions
Exe Hex Head Stopping Plugs
Ranges: AD-D, AD-E, AD-U, AE-E, AI-D, AM-D, AR-D
           PA-D, PB-D, PD-E, PD-U,  PH-E 
           RD-D, RD-E, RD-U, UF-D, UN-D
CSA C of C - 124804 (LR106084-2)

Exe Increased Safety Breather Drains
Ranges: DP-E
CSA C of C - 185887 2500003408 (LR106084)